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Frequently-Asked Questions   (AND ANSWERS)

Q: How Do I Make Payments?

  • Online, Through Bank-Issued Debit Cards (a.k.a. "ATM Cards").
  • Payments for application forms into Al-Qalam University Katsina can be made online using bank-issued debit cards. It’s convenient, fast and secure!
    Interswitch logo   MasterCard, Verve, Visa are accepted
    The online payment system is powered by Interswitch; and accepted card types include Naira MasterCard, Verve, and Visa. To pay for any application form, follow these simple steps:

    1. If you are starting for the first time:
      • Sign up and create your account.
      • Go to "Forms on Sale" to see any forms currently on sale and click any one you are interested in.
      • Click the "Apply" button to generate your payment slip and click on the "Pay via Interswitch" button at the bottom of the slip.
      • Carefully fill in the required card details on the Interswitch platform to complete your payment.

    2. If you already have an account:
      • Log in using your usual credentials on the portal.
      • Click "My Forms" to see all forms you have ever applied for on the portal.
      • Click "PaymentSlip" link against any of your forms to commence payment or see payment status.

Q: How Do I Know if my Payment Succeeds or Fails?

  • Through Immediate Notifications (On-Screen, E-Mail and SMS).
  • All online payment attempts are followed by instant on-screen notfications displayed to you. Results of all payments are displayed onscreen (successful ones in green, failed ones in red). In addition, notification emails are sent to the email addresses specified by applicants in their profile. Depending on availability, SMS messages alerts also sent to the GSM numbers specified by applicants.

Q: What Happens to my Money When Transactions Fail?

  • No Money is Deducted When Transactions Fail.
  • On the online payment system riding on Interswitch WebPAY platform, money is deducted from debit cards if and only if the transaction is approved by the issuing bank. If the issuing bank has any reason to decline the transaction, no money is deducted and a "Transaction Failed" notice is displayed onscreen, along with reasons for the failure (eg: "The amount requested is above the limit permitted by your bank, please contact your bank", or "Suspected Fraud, Pick-Up", or "Your bank has prevented your card from carrying out this transaction, please contact your bank", or "Insufficient Funds", or "Incorrect security details provided. Pin tries exceeded.", etc).

Q: What Do I Do If The Same Transaction Fails Many Times?

  • Report The Error To Portal Admin And Get Help.
  • Sometimes, payment attempts may fail resulting in "Failed Transactions". When This happens, you are given the opportunity to re-try he transaction again and, hopefully, get a successful result. This can be done by simply clicking the "ReQuery" button against the transaction. However, if this fails severally, you can simply click the "ReportError" button, which will automatically raise an alert on the Portal Admin's Dashboard about your challenegs. The Portal Admin has a means of re-trying to make your transaction succeed, but if that fails also, then s/he may cancel that transaction and generate a new one for you. You will see the newly generated Transaction ID instantly and you could try paying with the new Transaction ID.

Q: Can I Type my Card Details Once For Re-Use In Future Payments?

  • No, We Don't Want to Give Room For Stolen Identities.
  • Your card details are never stored anywhere on our servers. Not even in session variables. This is to ensure that no one may illegally access your card details on our system and defraud you in future. For this reason, you must enter your debit card details afresh each time you need to make payment on our portal.

Q: But PayPal Stores Card Details For Future Payments!

  • Yes, But The Rules Are Different.
  • It is possible and quite easy to store your card details so that you do not have to re-type everytime you need to make payments. But our algorithms are different from PayPal's; and we are regulated by different laws. For this reason, we can never store your debit card details and you must enter your card details each time you need to make payment on our portal.

Q: What if I Pay for an Application Form and I Want a Refund?

  • Sorry, Application Form Fees Are Non-Refundable!
  • All application form fees, once paid, are non-refundable. Applicants are, therefore, strongly advised to always make sure of what they are paying for before committing to make payment.

Q: How Do I Know if I am Offered Admission?

  • Through E-Mail and SMS Notifications.
  • Successful applicants shall be notified through e-mail and SMS messages. It is, therefore, very vital that you supply valid email and SMS details in your contact details, so that admission messages and other vital pieces of information will always reach you!

Q: What Are The Actual Entry Requirements into the University?

  • Mathematics and English Language Are Compulsory and More...
  • Interested candidates must have five (5) credit passes in the SSCE (WAEC or NECO) at one sitting, or six (6) credit passes at not more than 2 sittings in English Language, Mathematics and other subjects relevant to the course of study. Candidates are also to note that there are other requirements that may be specific to a College and/or a Programme. To know more about our general entry requirments, please »go to general requirements«.

Q: Can I Apply With Awaiting Results?

  • Yes You Can, But...
  • Applications are open to all potentially qualified individuals, including people whose results are still being awaited. However, those results must have been released before or by the date of screening; and they must be physically presented at the screening, otherwise you may be disqualified at that point!

Q: Can I Pay My School Fees in Installments?

  • Yes Sometimes, But Not Always.
  • The grace to pay fees in installment is sometimes granted to students, but subject to certain conditions, which change from time to time. You will need to contact the Bursary Unit for full official details to know the prevailing terms and conditions for granting partial payments at any time.

Q: More Questions? Please Write To Us!

  • You Can Drop Us A Line For More Answers...
  • If you have some other questions that are not covered on this FAQs page, you can write to us and our Help Desk will respond within the shortest possible time. Please drop your message on our »Contact Us Page«.